what if

the universe is expanding and accelerating.

the frights and the lights. the pains and the gains
the fears and the tears. all the hopes and heartbreaks
vanished and in vain. millions of years from now
when everything goes separated, dark and cold
the sky full of black holes.
no star, no light.
imagine this world. this is our future.

unless that… we go through the danger of destroying ourselves and survive to it. then, we learn how to put our consciousness inside another form of universe, maybe a super computer. a sophisticated program that contains the super code, the source code. At first, we will know that we live in a super simulation of the “real reality”, a black mirror type of reality. We are then conscious of the fact that we put ourselves into the computer in the first place. but as time goes, new generations start to doubt and question this idea (“no, we didn’t come from that other universe, look: this feels so real, it can’t be a simulation”). And then we start to embrace that other reality we have created until we completely destroy that original memory from us and replace it with the feeling and certainty of living in the “real” and “original” realm.

Now, what if the universe we live in is already this simulation? What if we come from another Universe already vanished by the fate of expansion till the point that nothing lasted but the simulation we created ourselves to live in. What if we can’t reach the point beyond big bang because this point would be our primary consciousness which we can no longer access, which we might have chosen to deny at some point of our history? And most of all: what if we have embraced the 3D world so much with our senses, that we have deleted in our very deepest root the most valued information: that we choose our lives and we can control the game?

No, I don’t like small talks.

I’m The OA



Nidia R. I write, therefore I am

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